Palliative Care

Palliative Care

Palliative is defined as a special type of treatment or care for severely ill people. It may include people with serious illnesses, heart attack, cancer or any other disease that may lead to death soon. Palliative Care is undertaken in co-junction with the recovery treatment plan to support patient through retrieval

Zen service centre is offering the following service plans to run the care at the palliative level:


The person under palliative care must fall under two conditions; palliative care is either for the people who are aware of their disease and the situation they’re in while the other category has patients who are unaware that their illness is unterminated.

Psychological support help the patient feel better in both cases. The rest of the life, however short or long, is spent positively and in hope of recovery. The psychological support may lead to psychological recovery too.


It is possible that palliative care brings someone out of the bed. If carried out properly, palliative care may do wonders. When a single nurse or caretaker is always available at the bedside, this type of support to the person help to recover with time

In the bedside palliative care, the nurse will be providing time to time treatment and medication for the patient because patient is in dire need of a person, a constant support and a watching eye. This nature of emotional support helps the patient to benefit from treatment and recovery by uplifting their morale.


The loneliness is a killing moment in the life of the patients. The palliative illnesses may be critical to patient’s recovery as otherwise the patient may feel depressed in the thoughts that his death is near. This feeling of hopelessness needs attention diversion so that the patient may feel better.

This diverting focus is only possible if a person/nurse is available for the patient. The patient tends to feel happy from the efforts of the nurse or support person who is always giving tremendous and quality time to the patient.


Treatment for palliative patients are to work on support patients mentally and physically, provide outmost comfort care and maintain physical activities of the patient. For that, it is important to manage treatment at the care centre because palliative services always work in collaboration from different professional parties.


Know that palliative care is important, no matter how critical the patient’s condition is. Don’t let hopeless get on to you. Palliative care is helpful in many illnesses because positive environment can uplift patient’s mood and give them the courage to continue their treatment plan.

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