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Patient care should not end once the patient gets discharged from the hospital. As a matter of fact, the most important part of recovery starts here, where specialised after-discharge care is required especially for patients who have undergone major surgeries or are diagnosed with critical illnesses to avoid unnecessary complications and to ensure a speedy recovery.

We know the challenges of caring for an elderly patient as an adult that has to juggle with work responsibilities and family matters. It’s difficult to give the best care and environment for this type of patient when you don’t have the time or experience to do so.

That’s why Zenvilla is providing you with a solution to help you ease your worry through our post-hospitalisation care that caters specifically to patients that have undergone surgeries or have undergone some severe treatments that require extra medical care and attention.

Focusing on the rehabilitation and recovery of the patient after their discharge from the hospital, our post hospitalisation service is designed based on best medical practices; carried out to help the residents go about their daily lives with ease and to ensure that the side effects of their treatments would not potentially cause a disturbance in their daily life.

Suitable for any convalescence care, we have our in-house experienced doctors to monitor and consult our residents, trained caregivers and nurses that are equipped with the best expertise to provide the patients with holistic assistance which include feeding, grooming, bathing, mobility and more, our skilled physiotherapists to recover mobility, and our team of expert dietitians to plan the best well-balanced diet that is made up of nutritious food to boost their intake of healthy foods.

To top it off, our care also includes different ranges of motion exercises to ensure that our residents recover and maintain a strong body and plenty of social activities and games to help them stay socially engaged and physically mobile.

Putting the residents’ comfort at our core focus, we guarantee the residents safety and health throughout their stay with us. We stand by our promise to provide only the best care we can offer to our residents so that everyone can be at ease knowing their loved ones are in good hands. Put your trust in us and we’ll make sure to deliver our above-expectation service.


  •  Suitable for convalescence care
  •  In house doctor monitoring and manage
  •  ADLs (Bathing, Feeding, Grooming, Ambulation)
  •  Physiotherapy
  •  Range of Motion Exercises
  • Social Activities and Games for rehabilitation
  •  Good dietary needs for recovery


  •   Suitable for stroke rehabilitation
  •   ADLs (Bathing, Feeding, Grooming, Ambulation)
  •   24 hours nursing care
  •   Range of Motion Exercises and Physiotherapy
  •   Social Activities to ensure resident is active and engaged
  •   Healthy Diet to cater for rehabilitation needs


  •   Suitable for end stage cancer care
  •   Pain management
  •   ADLs (Bathing, Feeding, Grooming, Ambulation)
  •   24 hours nursing care
  •   Range of Motion Exercises and Physiotherapy
  •   Dietician consultation and monitoring


  •   Suitable for short term care or  ‘eldersitting’
  •   ADLs (Bathing, Feeding, Grooming, Ambulation)
  •   Social activities to keep the mind body and soul active
  •   Healthy and balance diet with emphasis on wellness and care


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