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Palliative care is a form of specialised medical care that focuses on providing residents with relief for pain caused by serious illnesses. We highly recommend this service for end-stage cancer patients to manage and reduce their sufferings.

With a skilled and experienced team of professionals trained in the area of palliative care, Zenvilla is equipped with the resources and capacity to monitor and provide an excellent palliative care service that is tailored to the resident’s needs.

Regardless of the patient’s case severity, Zenvilla aims to aid  these patients in relieving their pain through professional assistance which is carried out by our team of professionally trained doctors, nurses and caregivers that provides an extra layer of support to complement the resident’s ongoing care. We also provide efficient ambulation services for residents that require emergency medical attention, and family members of the resident will be contacted should such a situation arise.

Our care includes caregivers and nurses that are well-trained to assist stroke patients to carry out daily routines such as eating, walking and cleaning, our doctors are equipped with the familiarity of handling stroke cases, our team of dieticians will provide the best diet plan for our stroke patients to ensure that they eat healthily and our physiotherapists guide an optimal post-stroke recovery treatment that helps patients regain their mobility.

You can place your trust in us and ease your burden as we provide our professional service to assure safety and health improvements for your loved one. Our care goes beyond just rehabilitation but also encompasses 24-hour monitoring to ensure that your loved ones get the immediate medical treatments they need, include nutritious and well-balanced diet to ensure that they are getting the most out of their meals, a wide range of exercises and physiotherapy to encourage the residents to carry out physical movements in their journey of rehabilitation.

We also emphasise on social activities to help them to remain active, engaged and prevent depression that will hinder their recovery. We accept all stroke patients regardless of the age group and provide you with necessary updates to be on their progress of rehabilitation throughout their stay to ensure your trust in us is not wasted in vain.

Apart from that, a healthy diet is also at the core of our palliative care as it is crucial in battling any disease, for such reason, our team of experienced dietitians will provide professional dietitian consultations to tailor a diet best for them and monitor their body reaction to ensure the get the best nutrition from their meals. These efforts are to not only maintain the physical health but also to safeguard the psychological and emotional wellbeing of our residents.

That’s not all, depending on the acuteness of their pain and their condition, palliative care patients may experience varying symptoms such as pain, shortness of breath, difficulty sleeping, and more. That’s why our trained doctors and healthcare professionals in the palliative care team will spend ample time to understand the resident’s situation and provide the necessary solution to ensure that residents get the optimal comfort and the best pain solution.


  •  Suitable for convalescence care
  •  In house doctor monitoring and manage
  •  ADLs (Bathing, Feeding, Grooming, Ambulation)
  •  Physiotherapy
  •  Range of Motion Exercises
  • Social Activities and Games for rehabilitation
  •  Good dietary needs for recovery


  •   Suitable for stroke rehabilitation
  •   ADLs (Bathing, Feeding, Grooming, Ambulation)
  •   24 hours nursing care
  •   Range of Motion Exercises and Physiotherapy
  •   Social Activities to ensure resident is active and engaged
  •   Healthy Diet to cater for rehabilitation needs


  •   Suitable for end stage cancer care
  •   Pain management
  •   ADLs (Bathing, Feeding, Grooming, Ambulation)
  •   24 hours nursing care
  •   Range of Motion Exercises and Physiotherapy
  •   Dietician consultation and monitoring


  •   Suitable for short term care or  ‘eldersitting’
  •   ADLs (Bathing, Feeding, Grooming, Ambulation)
  •   Social activities to keep the mind body and soul active
  •   Healthy and balance diet with emphasis on wellness and care


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