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Treating the elderly is not a simple task for working adults. The time and sacrifices it takes to create a conducive environment for the elderly at home can be even more demanding when situations that require proper medical care arise. As the elderly grows older, the more time and sacrifices are needed to provide the necessary care for them. Therefore at Zenvilla, we provide the essential medical and elderly care services to help ease the burden of elderly caregiving while ensuring an optimal environment for recovery and rehabilitation.

We provide our 24/7 care that caters to all the basic needs of elderly care such as grooming, feeding, bathing and assisting mobility. Each need will be meticulously handled by our skilled caregivers that are well-trained and equipped with professional experience to ensure our residents enjoy maximum comfort and satisfaction during their stay.

With comfort and health improvements as our core focuses, we chose a well-coordinated approach that balances on diets, social interaction, physical activities, and mental exercises to not only create a conducive and sociable environment for residents where they are physically and socially active but also ensure the residents enjoy a healthy and a proactive recovery journey.

Our solution includes daily social activities for our residents to enjoy and prevent them from feeling isolated. We also have physical activities such as football, darts and daily exercises to help them work on their muscles to improve mobility and to regain strength. Mental activities are also important and that’s why we have games such as cards, BINGO, board games and Mahjong which are proven to help exercise the brain. To top it off, our healthy and balanced diet that emphasises on nutrition, and flavour ensures the elderly get the nutrients they need while controlling their intake of unhealthy foods.

Our care includes round-the-clock care, professional doctor’s consultations and monitoring, physio treatments, and dietitian consultation which are all dedicated to helping provide the elderly with the complex care they need. Let us address your worry and rest assured you are giving only the best care for your loved ones by choosing Zenvilla.


  •  Suitable for convalescence care
  •  In house doctor monitoring and manage
  •  ADLs (Bathing, Feeding, Grooming, Ambulation)
  •  Physiotherapy
  •  Range of Motion Exercises
  • Social Activities and Games for rehabilitation
  •  Good dietary needs for recovery


  •   Suitable for stroke rehabilitation
  •   ADLs (Bathing, Feeding, Grooming, Ambulation)
  •   24 hours nursing care
  •   Range of Motion Exercises and Physiotherapy
  •   Social Activities to ensure resident is active and engaged
  •   Healthy Diet to cater for rehabilitation needs


  •   Suitable for end stage cancer care
  •   Pain management
  •   ADLs (Bathing, Feeding, Grooming, Ambulation)
  •   24 hours nursing care
  •   Range of Motion Exercises and Physiotherapy
  •   Dietician consultation and monitoring


  •   Suitable for short term care or  ‘eldersitting’
  •   ADLs (Bathing, Feeding, Grooming, Ambulation)
  •   Social activities to keep the mind body and soul active
  •   Healthy and balance diet with emphasis on wellness and care


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